Ways to Maximize Event Promotion for Your Next Trade Show

Tips to increase your brand’s visibility

You’ve developed your event pitch and news release.

Here are other ways to spread the word:

  • Develop a relationship with the event media relations team. They can help identify promotional opportunities like award programs and speaking opportunities.
  • Show organizers may also know of sponsorship packages which can include your logo on signage or inserts in attendee gift bags.
  • As an exhibitor, you may have options to email attendees, be included in a newsletter, or have banner ads displayed on the show’s website.
  • Holding a press conference during the show? Work with show organizers to book your time slot and promote.

Also keep an eye out for:

  • Event daily publications highlighting exhibitor news.
  • An online exhibitor portal to upload you press releases, product literature, and more.
  • A printed show program – make sure your details are included!
  • Opportunities to host an invitation-only press reception or special event.
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