Media Relations Tips to Maximize Impact

When to share your news with a reporter.

When is the best time to reach a reporter?

Reporters are busy. Time is limited. Follow these basic rules to successfully engage with reporters and maximize your impact:   

  • Tuesdays are the most popular day to distribute press releases. 
  • 8-10 AM is the best time to pitch local TV stations.
  • Send news releases and pitches off-hour – 8:07 AM instead of 8:00 AM. 
  • Time your pitch to match the local media you want to reach. 
  • Never distribute a pitch to a mass list of reporters. 
  • Get each reporter and media outlet name right. 
  • Know what the reporter covers and their audience.
  • Know the voice of the media outlet you are pitching.
  • Support targeted pitching efforts with broad access provided by a newswire such as Business Wire. 
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