Five Press Release Elements
for Success

Make sure your news releases include these five elements

Five Press Release Elements for Success

Catch the eyes of reporters, better communicate with your target audiences and increase the reach and engagement of your news by incorporating these five elements into your press releases.

1. Target your releases
Being strategic about pitching reporters who cover news like yours, or working with a newswire to best reach your target audience, will help you successfully share your announcements. Your press releases should speak to your select audiences, explaining the benefit or impact of your news.

2. Add multimedia
Adding photos, videos and other multimedia to your press releases increases emotional interest as well as coverage. Reporters want visuals, and imagery helps deepen an emotional connection with readers.

3. Ensure message comprehension and action
Optimize the format of your press release by breaking up large blocks of text - bold or italic text, hyperlinks and bulleted lists to improve the readability of your news. This also helps keeps readers engaged instead of skimming your release.

Include phrases or terms commonly used by your audiences to help readers relate to your news. And, depending on the location of your target audience, consider translating your press release. This enables you to communicate with important stakeholders who speak other languages, giving your organization greater brand recognition in countries where English is not the primary language.

4. Activate social sharing
Press releases shared by Business Wire feature pull quotes that can be easily posted to X by readers, allowing them to share your news with their X followers. Links to your organization’s social media channels can also appear alongside your release.

5. Analyze data
Understanding the performance of your press release allows you to modify future releases and better connect with your audiences. To help measure the effectiveness of your news, Business Wire NewsTrak Reports provide a snapshot of audience views, user engagement, and more.

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