How to Write a Press Release

Tips to increase your results

5 tips to write a release to increase open rates, coverage, reader engagement, and social shares

Secure the kind of editorial coverage that moves prospects in and through your sales funnel by providing reporters with the timely, relevant, textual, and visual news content their readers want to know. Award-winning coach Ann Wylie offers these recommendations for writing a press release reporters will love and will increase open rates, coverage, reader engagement, and social shares of your news:

  • Write a concise headline. Skip the jargon, fluff, and adjectives, and focus on the verbs to make it easy for readers – and reporters – to understand the impact of your news.
  • Write for your audience, not for yourself. Make sure your news appeals to those who need it by putting the reader at the center of your story.
  • Increase readability. Break up big blocks of text with bullets, italics, bolding, and white space to create a visual flow that keeps reader attention.
  • Summarize it all in the first paragraph. Tell the full story, describing your news and impact, in the first 30 words of your press release. Include links to key landing pages to maximize opportunities for inbound traffic.
  • Think visually. Increase coverage and attention by creating images or videos specifically for reporters to use to tell your story.
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