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Tips and best practices to maximize the reach, visibility and impact of your press release and media relations efforts


Unleash the Power of Your News

Every press release you distribute with Business Wire has multiple benefits, extending your reach and maximizing your results. 


Why Partner with a Newswire?

When you partner with Business Wire to share your news, you gain access to a number of advantages that go beyond the dissemination of your news. 

Five Press Release Elements for Success

Adding these five elements to your press release will help you reach reporters, better connect with your audience and boost the reach of your news.

How to Write a Press Release

Write a multimedia press release that reporters love and will increase open rates, coverage, reader engagement and social shares of your news.

Constructing a Great Pitch 

Write a media relations editorial pitch email that reporters will open and increases coverage of your press release.

Adding Relevancy to Pitches and Press Releases 

Identify target audiences and write a relevant press release or media relations pitch journalists care about.

Recognizing the Value of  Multimedia 

Use multimedia to optimize your press release and increase coverage.

Optimize Images for Your Release 

What kind of images are useful to journalists? Tips to create images that reporters use.

Optimize Video for Your Release

What kind of videos are useful to journalists? Tips to create videos that reporters use.

Increase the Likelihood of Readership 

Press release formats increase readability and can increase media coverage and consumer interest .

Choosing How to Best Reach Your Audience  

When is the best time to send out a Business Wire press release and when is the best time to pitch a reporter?

Build  Authenticity in Multicultural Markets 

Increase media coverage in diverse multicultural markets with Business Wire including Black, Latinx and other audiences.

Increasing Visibility in International Markets 

Reach reporters and increase coverage in international markets.

6 Ways Business Wire Can Maximize Your Reach 

Commercial newswires like Business Wire distribute rich-media press releases that reporters read, trust, and write about.

Press Releases are Measurable: Always Be Testing 

Learn how to track the results of your press release. News releases generate important, actionable measurement data.

Media Relations Tips to Maximize Impact 

When is the best time to send out a Business Wire press release and when is the best time to pitch a reporter?

Promoting Your Trade Show and Event Participation with Business Wire

Why do companies use Business Wire to promote trade show and event participation?

Timeline to Promote Your Event Participation

Our timeline provides tips for having a successful show and maximizing media attention.

Write a Trade Show Press Release That Stands Out

Tips for writing a trade show or event press release that is newsworthy and will catch a reporter’s attention. 

Ways to Maximize Event Promotion for Your Next Trade Show

 Increase your brand’s visibility and maximize your event publicity campaign for your next trade show or event with these tips. 

3 Ways to Find Trade Show Reporters to Pitch Your Story

Identify your target audience with pre-show media relations. 

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